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Introduction to Laser Tag Singapore [2024]

What is Laser Tag Singapore

What is Laser Tag Singapore
What is Laser Tag Singapore

Laser tag is a recreational game that is gaining popularity gradually around the world, and Singapore is no exception. This high-energy session of fun, suitable for people of any age, comprises both physical activity and a brain-tasking strategy.

It is an exciting and unique way to have fun in this futuristic world, both for locals in search of a new hobby, and foreign tourists seeking to try something different and exciting. Laser tag is a popular team building game in Singapore.

When planning your company’s team bonding activity, try out this one stop event solution filled with team bonding and immense fun. This article provides a detailed introduction to laser tag Singapore, by explicating its basics, its different modes, its advantages, and where it can be played.

What is Laser Tag?

Laser tag is a game of tag played with special laser tag equipment called infrared-capable guns and corresponding humanoid targets worn by the participants. Most indoor and outdoor laser tag equipment are the same depending on the providers.

The purpose is to score points by firing the infrared laser beam, manifesting as an LED flash, into your opponents while avoiding that laser tagger to yourself. It is a leisurely physical activity and a sport that is played casually during a birthday party or a team bonding event and even competitively all around the world.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Laser Tag

Indoor Laser Tag

Indoor laser tag arenas are more popular in Singapore as they come with a controlled environment and elaborate setup. Indoor arenas are darkened, come with neon and laser lights, have fog machines, and have elaborate game stages and layouts.

Common examples of indoor laser tag centres in Singapore are LaserOPS and Battlestrike Laser Tag. Players in indoor setups can feel safe and immerse themselves in the game without having to worry about the weather forecast.

Outdoor Laser Tag

With outdoor laser tag, however, you’ll experience something completely different. You will play in larger and open areas like parks or specially prepared outdoor fields and this gives you room for your game with natural obstacles.

This version of the game will satisfy fans of exotic nature survival. Outdoor laser tag in Sacramento, provided by Tag Team Inc. is specially designed with outdoor obstacles to give you more than just a laser tag experience, but a challenge that would take you into the world of real combat experience.

Rules of the Game

Basic Rules

Laser tag is a team sport. It might be easy to imagine how to play but to keep the game fair, there are simple rules we try to follow. Each player will have a laser tag gun and a sensor vest or sensor headband. We will aim our laser at another player to tag them and avoid getting tagged. Before the laser tag missions even starts, we must remember the rules of the game. No pushing each other, staying in the field of play, and being safe with the lasers.

Game Variations

Laser tag allows for a variety of thrilling game modes, providing something new every time you play. The most common game mode is team based battles where team members attempt to attain the most tags before time expires.

Another game mode is free-for-all matches, where you play against everyone, and it’s every player for their lonesome. Other variations include but are not limited to, Capture the Flag and base defense.

Equipment and Gear

Laser Tag Equipment

Laser tag guns, also known as phasers, are a vital part of laser tag equipment. Phasers are of different types and sizes. Sensors including sensor vests and sensor headbands are also part of the equipment, it detects the hits at the players within infrared beams.

The maintenance of the equipment is quite important to provide precise and functional outputs. The best laser tag guns are the ones that are maintained well by the best laser tag provider. Only with the best laser tag equipment the you can have the best laser tag experience.

Dressing for Laser Tag

Playing laser tag requires comfortable clothes, which should be baggy and able to diffuse the sensations during the game. The most suitable option for playing is a color jacket or top, as it blends in the environment and increases the players’ tactical possibility to lurk in the crowd.

Another essential requirement is comfortable footwear like sneakers or sports shoes that provide the proper support so as to make the laser tag game safe.

Benefits of Playing Laser Tag

Physical Benefits

Laser tag is considered a good cardio exercise: The game will pick up your pace – run, dodge, and hide, and improve agility, speed, and fitness.

Different laser tag game modes require different skills and actions but all will get you to move your feet! In a classic laser tag game, dodging and hiding are effective in winning the game. In an outdoor laser tag game, it is more open. Players must be quick and agile to stop the hits of the laser guns.

It will enhance the focus and coordination of your hands and eyes.

Mental Benefits

Strategizing and working in teams to outsmart opponents enhances cognitive functions, and improves problem solving skills. The game is an excellent stress buster and offers the best fun and physical and mental exercise.

Laser Tag for Team Building

Corporate Team Building event

Laser tag is a massive corporate team building activity in Singapore that improves teamwork, communications, and leadership skills in a fun and energetic environment.

Companies like FunEmpire organise corporate laser tag events with laser tag team members with different levels of skills to create a relaxing and entertaining environment for corporate team building in Singapore.

School and Youth Group Activities

Laser tags can be used for school trips and youth group activities too. It will allow them to learn how to play in a team, develop strategies, and develop sportsmanship skills.

In Singapore, laser tag has become one of the extracurricular activities of the school, this helps to develop fitness and build a spirit of teamwork among students.


One of the largest laser tag provider in Singapore that is known for its state-of-the-art equipment and immersive game scenarios.

Battlestrike Laser Tag

Offers neon laser tag with each laser tag session involving various game modes and a well-designed indoor arena made for the exclusive neon laser tag. Battlestrike Laser Tag also provide with other laser tag venues.

Tag Team Inc.

One of the best place to play laser tag in Singapore. Provides outdoor laser tag experiences at your preferred event venue with a focus on strategy and physical activity.

Combat Skirmish Singapore

Known for its expansive outdoor fields and diverse game scenarios. One of the best laser tag provider.

What is Laser Tag Singapore

Laser tag is an energetic game very suitable for all ages. With its long-lasting benefits, both physical and mental, plus the opportunity to be in new and inspiring areas for the game, friends, family, and colleagues seek to involve themselves in the awesome social bonding that goes along with laser tag.

Laser tag is also a versatile activity that can be performed almost anywhere. There are outdoor laser tag games and you can even join an indoor laser tag game! There are different laser tag suitable venues around Singapore, whether it be a cozy indoor arena for and intimate event like a birthday party or a thrilling outdoor field for corporate team building events, there are many options.

So why wait? Let’s go find our gear, allow yourself to be on a team, go find the nearest laser tag arena, and enjoy the coolest laser tag experience in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about What is Laser Tag Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

Are there age restrictions for laser tag?

Most venues in Singapore have a minimum age requirement of 7 years old.

Is laser tag safe?

Yes, laser tag is a non-contact sport with strict safety guidelines to prevent injuries.

How can I book a laser tag session?

Bookings can typically be made online through the venue’s website or by contacting them directly.