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Guide to Planning a Laser Tag Team Building Event [2024]

Laser Tag Team Building Singapore

Laser Tag Team Building Singapore
Laser Tag Team Building Singapore

Picture this: your team members have been divided into groups of two to five, and they are gathered in the briefing room trying to formulate a battle plan for their upcoming laser tag game. You begin to feel your heart racing as the excitement of laser tag sets in. It feels as though you and your team are a part of the secret service forces and are preparing for battle even though you are just attending your company’s team bonding activity.

From growing small collection of laser tag teams to professional laser tag arenas, laser tag events and the thrilling game modes that come with them will train teams, build trust, strengthen teamwork, and bring a shared learning experience.

This article aims to explore all that you need to know in order to make your laser tag experience and team building event one to remember in Singapore – from understanding the gameplay to organising logistics and scheduling post-game events.

Understanding Laser Tag

What is Laser Tag?

Do you remember play “tag” during with your friends every single recess? Well, the laser tag version of the original game works almost the same! Well, it is a little more complex than that primary school game but it will sure evoke the same excitiment and nostalgia as it did years ago.

Laser tag, on the other hand, has the science fiction of the infrared-emitting device shaped like a gun to fire infrared beams at a real-world target a person (something easy enough to paint and laser tag packages, hence the term ‘human’), something popular enough that it was invented in the 1980s.

Playing laser tag games involves passing through obstacles while dodging shots pulled by the opponents and testing their gunmanship with the exclusive infrared beams loaded exclusive neon laser tag guns.

Laser tag, a popular team building game, has become a trained sport laser tag activity or game played with elaborate equipment, a favourite at corporate team building events.

Benefits of Laser Tag for Team Building

Laser tag has a lot of advantages, particularly for team building in the workplace.

While members of the same team must face off against each other in an effort to pinpoint their opponents, many still work together and strive to establish rapport with each other to win a game.

Laser and laser tag allows team members to truly work as a team and work alongside other team members to accomplish a similar goal.

Other advantages include sharpening strategic thinking skills, quick decision-making, and teamwork.

Laser to play laser tag which is also very fun! A laser tag event experience will be a very unique and memorable which evoke a sense of belonging with all players involved. This promotes deeper bonds with each other.

Planning Your Laser Tag Team Building Event

Setting Goals for the Event

Define your team-building event goals before you begin. Are you planning to get acquainted with each other and overcome differences of opinion?

Do you want to help team members gain a better understanding of one another and improve their communication?

Are you looking to improve teamwork and morale? Define exactly what you want the event to achieve so it will fulfill your intentions.

Choosing the Right Venue

Consider the right destination, indoor or outdoor. An indoor place has a steadier and better-controlled environment in terms of the weather than other indoor laser tag venues. Either choices will need to have ample space for running and hiding to be laser tag suitable.

As for outdoor laser tag games, you need more room for playing and progressing which is a benefit of neon laser tag package, that indoor laser tag venues may not be able to offer.

The best laser tag provider will take note of all the details to give you your own location and the most ideal venue for your party to have the best laser tag experience! You would be able to choose your own location that fits your party’s needs the most.

Choosing the right venue is the key step to having the best laser tag experience. Do ask the preferred laser tag provider for the indoor and outdoor laser tag packages are available before booking. This will ensure that you will get the best laser tag experience for the best deal. Whether it be a outdoor laser tag game or an indoor laser tag game, there must be a laser tag provider in Singapore that will be a one stop event solution.

Key factors to consider are the place’s accessibility, size of the laser tag deck and the available facilities of the preferred event venue.

Selecting Game Modes

Over the years the laser tag games developed into a variety. The vast laser tag games collection might make it difficult for you to pick the right ones for your laser tag activity. Choosing the right laser tag game mode is essential to ensure a fun and engaging laser tag session. A basic laser tag package would usually involve a variety of laser tag game modes and laser tag game missions. Here are some of the best laser tag game modes and laser tag missions:

Free For All

  • Description: A classic laser tag game mode where every player for themselves.
  • Team-Building Benefit: Fosters individual skills and quick decision-making.

Capture The Flag

  • Description: Teams compete to capture the opponent’s flag and return it to their base.
  • Team-Building Benefit: Encourages strategy and teamwork.


  • Description: A classic laser tag game. Players are eliminated after a set number of hits.
  • Team-Building Benefit: Builds competitive spirit and resilience.


  • Description: Each team has a medic who can revive teammates.
  • Team-Building Benefit: Highlights the importance of support roles.


  • Description: Combines elements of strategy with quick reflexes.
  • Team-Building Benefit: Encourages strategic planning and teamwork.

Organizing the Event

Inviting Participants

Make sure your invite for the laser tag sessions is enticing enough that people will show up.

Attach activities and benefits to showing up to the laser tag session and make your RSVP process as easy as possible.

Send your invitations both digitally and physically depending on how you can reach your team.

Preparing the Teams

Balanced teams are vital to the success of an event.

First, you should be thinking about all the members of the team and their skills while choosing the team.

It should be diversified so that there will be various kinds of skills and perspectives so that you can be inclusive and your company can get better performance from the team.

Logistics and Safety

Make sure all the laser tag equipment works before the start of the laser tag sessions. Brief the participants about the event and explain the rules. Make sure all equipment works.

Players, especially children, may not be familiar with some of the equipment such as the laser guns, so please explain how to hold the bats, move, and maneuver. Please also remind the players to keep safe.

During the Event

Kickoff and Introduction

Start the event with a kickoff session. Brief participants about the game modes, rules, and objectives. Set a positive tone, emphasizing fun and learning.

This initial briefing helps manage expectations and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Facilitating the Games

A good facilitator is key to making or breaking your event. Your facilitator and referee are in charge of making sure the games go smoothly and that everyone is motivated and engaged throughout the process. The facilitator should be familiar with a lot of the game modes to make the laser tag session engaging and exciting.

They should ensure that all the games run on time and brief participants before they start the games, explaining each game so there are no misunderstandings.

Throughout the day, they should make sure the groups are working fairly and with good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Post-Event Activities

Debriefing Session

Hold a debriefing session after the games. Discuss what was learned and gather feedback from participants.

This session is crucial for reinforcing the team-building aspects of the event and understanding areas for improvement.

Celebrating Success

Make sure everybody knows that everybody participated and succeeded in something. Give away something small if you can afford to: always boost morale.

Or, if you’re playing some kind of mental challenge game such as Final Jeopardy or Capital Jeopardy, have a bit of fun giving out silly prizes to team members who do well, such as ‘Best Team Player’, ‘Top Strategist’, etc.


Keep the energy up by sending your donors a written ‘thank you’ for playing in your tournament, and send a photo and story from the event.

Use this opportunity to continue to foster the real connections that your fundraiser facilitated, and keep the team spirit going until the next event.

Laser Tag Team Building Singapore

Planning a laser tag team-building event could be the fun and well-planned beginning of bringing your team together by supporting your team-building goals in a well-orchestrated, fun, and effective way.

So get your game face on, pretend like you are a from the secret service forces, aim high, and blast away!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should participants wear to a laser tag event?

Comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes are recommended.

How long does a typical laser tag team-building event last?

Most laser tag slots last between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the number of game modes and participants. To be sure of the duration, do check with your preferred laser tag provider on what laser tag singapore packages are available. If you are going to play laser tag Singapore as the popular team building game that is is known for, do check for the custom team building package.

Is laser tag safe for all ages?

Yes, laser tag is generally safe for all ages, but it’s always best to check with the venue for any age restrictions. Furthermore, there will always be a safety briefing beforehand to keep the laser tag game safe from any injuries and accidents.

Can laser tag be played indoors and outdoors?

Yes, laser tag can be enjoyed in both indoor and outdoor settings but they both require special laser tag equipment. Ensure that ample space to run and hide is needed for an indoor laser tag game. Don’t worry if you can’t think of a place to host your next laser tag games as most laser tag companies will provide an arena for your laser tag event. Do check with your laser tag provider if they have outdoor laser tag equipment before following up with the laser tag booking.

What is the ideal group size for a laser tag team-building event?

Ideal group sizes range from 10 to 30 participants, allowing for balanced teams and ample interaction. It’s best to verify with your laser tag provider about the size of the laser tag arena and check the costs of the basic laser tag packages. Additionally, check with the laser tag provider if they have ample laser tag equipment to fulfill the needs of your party.