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7 Best Laser Tag Providers In Singapore [2024]

Laser Tag Singapore

Laser Tag Singapore
Laser Tag Singapore

Laser tag is a popular team building game with a wide range of ages in Singapore. The classic laser tag game which was previously indoors has evolved into both indoor and outdoor styles of play. Players can wear infrared-sensitive vests that detect the laser beam that is shot by the laser tag gun no matter the location. Simulations may include role-play adventure games, precise game goals, tactical configurations, and close-quarter combat. 

Both indoor Laser tag and outdoor laser tag are great physical activities for people to stay fit and have fun at the same time. Additionally, laser tag is also a strategy-based game that mimics real-world combat with it’s unique game modes.  Teammates need to work together to win the laser tag game.

The players have to wear a vest containing a sensor to make the game register the hits taken. Score points by shooting the enemy team. Depending on which of the laser tag game modes are chosen, the objective might slightly differ. However, the main objective of most of laser tag games involves accumulating as many points as the player can for failing, which means he or she gets captured.

Ensure that the Laser Tag companies in Singapore provide for the versatility of games, personalization, preferred event venue, and most importantly, safety and enjoyment. The laser tag suitable for you should be an event experience custom-tailored for your party’s needs and wants.

Quick Summary

  • Best laser tag providers in Singapore for 2024 include FunEmpire, Laser Tag SG, Team Building Games Singapore, and Laser Quest Singapore.
  • When choosing laser tag providers in Singapore, consider such as location, accessibility, safety measure, cost, facility size, and capacity.
  • FunEmpire’s Laser Tag stands out as the best Laser Tag Provider in Singapore, with over 8,000 5-star client reviews and a reputable track record of over 50,000 successful events to date.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Laser Tag Provider

  • Location Accessibility: Accessible to your own location.
  • Safety Measures: Quality and maintenance of the special laser tag equipment such as laser guns with infrared lasers and outdoor laser tag equipment. Ensure that safety briefing will be given by providers. Inform all participants to wear the appropriate attire to play laser tag: covered shoes, breathable clothes and that there are no sharp objects around in the venue that can cause an unwanted incident.
  • Game Options: Offer laser tag game modes and scenarios in a variety
  • Group Capacity: Suitable for various group sizes such as small groups, corporate events, and parties.
  • Pricing: Affordable laser tag packages cost and availability of discounts for larger groups.
  • Customer Reviews: Reputation for customer service and satisfaction.
  • Facilities: Additional amenities such as rest areas, food, and beverage options are available.
  • Customization Options: Ability to customize games for specific events or themes.
  • Booking Process: Ease of booking and availability of online reservation systems.
  • Additional Services: Availability of add-on services such as party rooms or event planning assistance.

What is Laser Tag?

Laser tag is a recreational game that will build teamwork with friends, family, and colleagues. It is a shooting sport where players use infrared-emitting light guns to tag their designated targets. The players will wear a laser tag equipment which are infrared-sensitive devices, to register hits from the laser tag guns. There are many ways to play laser tag and various thrilling game modes to choose from.

Laser tags also come with additional laser tag equipment to stimulate control points, such as respawn boxes, landmines, hand grenades, portable medkits, and grenade launchers.

Benefits of Playing Laser Tag

In Singapore, playing laser tag not only strengthens relationships but also improves collaboration, strategy, and communication. The following are some benefits of laser tag for team development in Singapore:

  • Improves Communication: Playing laser tag requires a lot of communication. This improves relationships and encourages communication among team members. 
  • Encourages Teamwork: As a team sport, laser tag requires participants to cooperate, exchange expertise, and work toward common objectives in order to win games.
  • Develop Strategy: Playing the strategic game laser tag calls for preparation. To defeat the other side, players must devise plans, which require them to be creative and quick-witted to overcome difficult problems. 
  • Boosts Confidence: Laser tag is a fast-paced, high-energy game, you’ll probably get an adrenaline rush and an increase in self-assurance as you race to the target and defeat the blaster before anyone else.

Best Laser Tag Providers in Singapore

1. FunEmpire

FunEmpire is a team building event company that provides laser tag experience with both indoor and outdoor games. FunEmpire is the largest laser tag provider and one of the few companies that offers neon laser tag package in Singapore. They also include a well rounded sound system that can play the music that you like while laser tagging away!

FunEmpire can accommodate laser tag events for corporate team building activities, school events, birthday parties, and national service events.

Contact us now and experience the best laser tag activity in Singapore.

2. Laser Tag SG

Laser Tag SG offers indoor and outdoor laser tag arena in Singapore with a feature to make it even more exciting. They offer customizable party packages, team building activities, and school events.

Book now at Laser Tag SG to add an extra fun experience to any team building events in Singapore.

3. Laser Tag Singapore

Laser Tag Singapore provides the coolest laser tag experience. Laser Tag Singapore is designed to provide fun team building activities. 

Laser Tag Singapore offers mobile props and setups, including camouflage tents, to experience exciting outdoor laser tag games at the preferred location. They’re also able to arrange an indoor arena for a indoor laser tag game

Call Laser Tag Singapore now, and they will make sure that everyone will have a fun laser tag experience.

4. Laser Quest Singapore

Laser Quest Singapore has different exciting game modes with affordable packages that can be held in the laser quest arena and other laser tag venues so that their clients can enjoy their laser tag sessions in their preferred location.

Want to try the best laser tag in Singapore, call and book at Laser Quest Singapore.

5. Team Building Singapore

Looking for adrenaline-infused laser tag activity? Try Team Building Singapore, they have a large inventory of laser tag sets and have customizable events.

Team Building Singapore has no age restriction for playing laser tag in Singapore, everyone will just need to have fun and experience the best laser tag session.

Contact Team Building Singapore now and find out the best for yourself.

6. Team Building Activities Singapore

Team Building Activities Singapore has organized and coordinated more than 50 corporate team building events in Singapore. 

Team Building Activities Singapore has extensive event coordination experience and has flexible game setups.

Team Building Activities Singapore offers basic laser tag package that and fully customisable event packages that are integrated with other team building activities. Call and book Team Building Activities Singapore now!

7. Team Building Games Singapore

Team Building Games Singapore with over 12,000 events to date, no wonder that they are the most popular and the biggest reliable for laser tag activities in Singapore. 

Team Building Games Singapore is perfect for team building and having fun and engaging gameplay. 

Book Team Building Games Singapore and experience the adrenaline rush to make everyone crave more.

Laser Tag Singapore

Laser Tag in Singapore is perfect for the next team building activities, company’s team bonding activity, school events, and even your next birthday party. Laser tag with custom team building package also makes great corporate gifts.

Plan your next laser tag event in Singapore with the recommended providers. consider it a fun experience for all participants to have so much fun. Make your next event in Singapore or birthday party be unforgettable and the best laser tag experience with the recommended providers. 

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