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5 Best Game Modes in Laser Tag Singapore [2024]

Laser Tag Game Modes Singapore

Laser Tag Game Modes Singapore
Laser Tag Game Modes Singapore

There is one sport that is tremendously popular throughout Singapore. With a rise of team building events and birthday parties, laser tag also serves as a fun activity for recreation and relaxation. Laser tag is usually used during competitions or team building activities aimed at developing teamwork.

Laser Tag is a popular team building game that is a realistic simulated combat experience. The laser tag game requires players to wear infrared sensitive vests. The players are also given laser guns which shoots a laser beam. Laser tag activity has evolved many thrilling game modes.

Depending on which laser tag provider and your preferred event venue, you would get to play a variety of the exciting laser tag games In this game, players shoot their opponents with their laser gun and avoid being hit. It is similar to paintball.

Benefits of playing laser tag include physical activity, strategic gameplay, and simulating the combat while avoiding the mess and pain of paintball shooting. That is why, a classic laser tag game is tan exciting game and the ideal team building activity for your company’s team bonding activity!

In this article, we list five of the best laser tag games in Singapore, and with an in-depth article, we hope you can choose the appropriate laser tag game mode for your next laser tag gun team building event adventure.

Best Game Modes in Laser Tag in Singapore

1. Free For All

Great for intense, high-stakes competition, Free For All (FFA) is classic indoor laser tag game mode: it’s every player for themselves. The goal is simple: kill as many other players as possible within the time limit. For a better understanding, your starting life or health points are a known quantity, and gameplay ends either when the time limits out or you are the last player remaining.

Key Features:

  • High-Intensity Action: FFA’s all-vs-all mechanic ensures that the action will be intense and constant. Players are constantly moving and keep their eyes on their backs, all the while searching for opportunities to earn points.
  • Adaptability: FA is not only rain-proof, but it also provides an indoor venue alternative in case it’s raining where you are. If you don’t have enough open space to play laser tag, you can be inventive with neon-lit indoor arenas in a warehouse with obstacles like columns and basketball hoops, or hide and seek in an indoor space with low-rise indoor gardens.
  • Skill Development: This mode hones individual skills such as quick reflexes, accurate shooting, and strategic positioning.

2. Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag (CTF) is a strategic game mode where two teams battle against one another, attacking each other’s base to steal their flag and defending theirs to prevent them from doing so. The idea is to infiltrate the enemy base, capture their flag, and return it to yours before the other team does the same to you.

Key Features:

  • Teamwork and Strategy: Teamwork and Strategy: CTF relies primarily on teamwork and strategy. Players have to work together with their team mates in order to defend a flag at their own base, while also attacking an opponent’s base.
  • Versatility: CTF adapts well to indoor and outdoor settings. Indoors, corridors could be tight and corners hidden; outdoors, the field will be more open, with natural cover to exploit.
  • Engagement: Meant to trigger moral emotions, and allows the player to improve the lives of new settlers.engagement: Captures the feel of stealth, pace, and tactical thinking.

3. Domination

A domination game mode is an objective-based playlist that involves multiple teams trying to control a zone or set of zones within a game’s map. Teams accrue points based on how long they manage to stay in possession of said zones.

Key Features:

  • Focus on Coordination: Better communication and coordination, and good teamwork are essential in the Domination mini-game, where players have to work with their allies to seize and hold zones.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: The action is constantly shifting; back and forth between offense and defense in its bid for the zones.
  • Scalability: This mode scales for larger crowd sizes and is most playable for corporate events and large-party scenarios. There can be multiple zones contested at the same time.

4. Elimination

Elimination, also known as Team Deathmatch, is when the winner is the only one left standing (or team), after a simple elimination mode during which players aim to take out the remaining members of the opposing team. Each player has a number of lives, and if the hits remove all of them, it’s game over.

Key Features:

  • High Stakes: The variable structure of the elimination format spikes the stakes – at each hit you get closer to being out of the contest.
  • Stealth and Precision: You don’t want to make a sound because the first one to get eliminated is usually the loudest one. ‘
  • Engagement: Players can’t afford to lack vigilance, so they’re motivated to stay involved and alert throughout.

5. Medic

Medic is a variant mode in which each team has a ‘medic’ who can bring back any dead member of the team, so (in addition to trying to kill enemy players) a key goal of the game is to protect your medic, unlike CTF. The medic can revive the dead by walking over and doing ‘something’ to them.

Key Features:

  • Strategic Depth: Protecting the medic places a premium on balanced offense.
  • Team Coordination: Because players have to proximally track multiple targets, communicate, and expand into tight spaces quickly, they need to stay in close communication with their teammates to defend their medic and maximize their team’s survival.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Reviving teammates makes gameplay unpredictable, with teams coming back from the grave and winning when things are looking hopeless.

Additional Game Modes from Laser Tag Singapore

The Revival: Here, each character can pursue a magical relic called the Revival Gem. Each player can use this stone to resuscitate a fallen team member, tipping the odds in their favor.

Battlefield: Larger scale games with props and missions and specific target IDs that might have upwards of 60 people, where players have to achieve objectives and more specific targets.

Laser Tag Game Modes Singapore

There is also a lot of variety in laser tag with different game modes for people who just want to shoot everyone, team games, and the kind of strategy you might find in games like Capture the Flag. There is even a game mode (known as Domination at our local indoor laser tag, place) where two teams start with bases, and fight to expand their territory by capturing the enemy’s bases. This would seem to be a great activity for developing the teamwork, strategy, and quick thinking skills of my teens.

To enjoy a great laser tag experience in Singapore, please head to Laser Quest Singapore and Laser Tag Singapore. Laser Quest Singapore and Laser Tag Singapore provide these laser tag game modes and more. These laser tag packages form the best team building exercises! Enjoy laser tag game zones with friends and family. Book a laser tag session here at your preferred location now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Laser Tag Game Modes in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Best Laser Tag Game Modes In Singapore below:

What is the most popular laser tag game mode?

Capture The Flag and Free For All are among the most popular due to their simplicity and fun factor. In Free for All, you score points by being the last man standing and eliminating all the enemies. In Capture The Flag, you score points by capturing the flag and shooting down opponents.

Can these game modes be played indoors and outdoors?

Yes, most game modes can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor laser tag games, depending on the venue and availability of the outdoor laser tag equipment such as laser tag guns. This way, you can have your neon laser tag event experience custom tailored for your preferred location.

How long does each game typically last?

Each round usually lasts between 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the specific laser tag arena, game mode, group size and what laser tag package was booked.