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5 Best Benefits Of Laser Tag In Singapore [2024]

Laser Tag Benefits Singapore

Laser Tag Benefits Singapore
Laser Tag Benefits Singapore

Neon laser tag is an activity that Singaporeans love to participate in. It is no longer just about having fun and enjoying free time; it is also about learning and exercising at the same time.

This fun activity has so much to offer, including a myriad of benefits that you cannot help but be impressed. Laser tag is fun and it is also an excellent whole-body workout with great benefits for the mind and body.

This article explores the five best benefits of neon laser tag packages in Singapore and reasons why you should consider this as a frontrunner choice. By the end of this article, hopefully it would make you want to have your own laser tag event!

Laser Tag Benefits

1. Physical Fitness

Cardio Workout

Neon Laser Tag package challenges your body. Some say that laser tag is like HIIT training (high-intensity interval training) because it keeps you running around, ducking, and swerving.

You’ll be sure to be sweating buckets once your laser tag game is over. It is your one stop event solution if you want to have both exercise and fun incorporated into one activity! Book your laser tag sessions to have a fun time exercising!

Strength Training

Neon Laser Tag incorporates lots of movement – the continual squats, lunges, and sprinting are similar to regular exercises that work a wide variety of muscles in your body. These neon laser tag sessions are bound to keep you in shape.

2. Mental Health Benefits

Stress Relief

In this fast paced society, we face many stressors. A game of laser tag offers people a great opportunity to reduce stress and relax.

In the laser tag arena, players can work together with one another, and have fun together.

Moreover, they use their bodies a lot while playing and this results in an overdose of endorphins which are happy hormones produced by the body to deal with stress.

Improved Mood

Engaging in physical activity can help improve your mood too. In fact, we know that mood is more positively responded to after physical activity in part due to the endorphins released during exercise that affect mood.

The ability to strike players’ bases and win games can increase self-confidence and esteem. Consistent participation in laser tag can result in permanent mood and mental improvements.

Social Interaction

Games of laser tag are normally played in teams, so it encourages sociability and teamwork.

Playing a laser tag game with your best friends, family, or work colleagues opens an opportunity to socialise with them, give them some new experiences, and strengthen their bonds. Team bonding can help everyone feel more united after a game of laser tag.

In addressing issues of mental health, the need to exclude the feelings of loneliness, and the ability to be part of a social group are the starting points.

3. Cognitive Skills Enhancement

Strategic Thinking

Laser tag Singapore is not just a physical exercise, it is also a strategic one.

Players must plan where to go, how to anticipate what opponents might do, and how to coordinate strikes with partners in order to complete goals.

At a basic level, this strategic element of the game can help to stimulate the brain and improve one’s problem-solving, planning, and critical-thinking skills.

Quick Decision Making

As laser tag takes only a couple of minutes, players have to quickly decide, which direction to run, when to shoot or duck etc.

When they do this on a regular basis, the speed of decision-making and reaction will increase ‘cognitive flexibility’ and reaction time. These skills are essential in all aspects of life.

4. Team Building and Social Benefits

Communication Skills

Players have to communicate with their team members constantly; if someone is spotted by an adversary, she has to tell other players, so that they can look out for that opponent.

In this way, we all have to work together to coordinate our actions, provide support, and communicate with each other. It is a good activity for corporate team building events.

This verbal and nonverbal exchange develops social skills that are important in every aspect of our lives, from the workplace to our private relationships. This can be a very good team bonding activity for you and your team. There are many different laser tag game modes, so you and your team will definitely find a challenge that fits you.

Bonding Experience

Laser tag bonding experience, laser tag helps team members work together to achieve their goal.

Laser tag challenges require team members to work together and rely upon one another, encouraging trust and cooperation.

Laser tag is useful for teams because the laser tag experience not only creates fun memories that team members can share but also improves their work environment by building stronger relationships.

5. Accessibility and Inclusivity

Suitable for All Ages

The most social advantage of laser tag is easy access: People from different ages can have a good time. Laser tag is a sport for kids and grown-ups as well as for seniors.

The way the rules of laser tag are established and the fact that its target is light from a harmless laser makes laser tag a safe game.

In addition, because gun-like laser guns are used in laser tag, the handling and firing process are quite simple and safe, making it a great activity for family gatherings, company events, and social events involving groups of various ages.

Low Risk of Injury

Laser tag is a noncontact sport and a low-risk activity, you don’t get hurt like in sports and it very fun activity.

The laser tag guns and sensor equipment that used at low risk and they don’t harm people. The laser tag equipment are all safe, as there are no physical projectiles, and the guns just use infrared beams as sensors.

Since it is a low risk activity, you can organise neon laser tag sessions for birthday parties as well. There are plenty of laser tag venues to choose from, so you can find the best laser tag provider to fit your needs.

Laser Tag Games

Laser tag session is a popular team building game, that has lots of physical and mental health benefits. It is a full-body workout, that takes away stress and anxiety, a full-body work-out, strengthens your whole body, and maintains your mind. It is a way to make new friends, it is good for all ages and all fitness levels.

You can organise your activity as either outdoor laser tag games or an indoor laser tag game. Find the suitable laser tag facility for your indoor or outdoor needs. This is the perfect fit for your birthday parties, or for your corporate team building event.

So, next time, you look for a way to keep fit, or to take your mind off from your work and life stresses, or bond with your friends or family, go play laser tag – find a desired event location for your neon laser tag game in Singapore today!